About us

Railing has been in business for almost 25 years. We respect the tradition in the sense of doing our best to ensure that our window sills are always of the highest quality, great strength and long-term durability. However, we also believe in modernity that manifests itself in every aspect of the company’s activities. This modernity goes hand in hand with originality, because the unique patented solutions we offer to our customers cannot be found anywhere else.


We are highly specialized in the manufacture of exterior window sills, made of steel and aluminum, as well as interior sills, made of PVC and aglo-marble. Of course, we also produce high quality end caps to match the sills. Typically, we offer window sills with a length of 6 m to our customers, but it is not a problem for us to cut them to any size specified by the buyer.


In Railing, we believe that there is no profit without development. Therefore, we are making all efforts to constantly improve our solutions for the window sills in our product offering. For us, “good” is definitely not enough. Our sills must be the best.

As the only company in Poland, we hold a patent for the tile-type window sills, protected in the Patent Office as an industrial design under the number RP-19013 and RP-18991. The products have the necessary technical and quality approvals and certificates (ITB, PZH).

We are well aware that the market is changing and so are the needs of the customers. That’s why we have recently launched a range of specialized steel and aluminum flashing services with multiple levels of complexity as well as aluminum welding using a variety of welding techniques.

We sell our products not only throughout Poland, but also abroad where, because of their combination of high quality and attractive prices, they are in high demand among customers.

When buying from us, you do not have to worry about transportation or any problems associated with timely delivery. We can deliver the goods to the customer either using our own transport or via a courier company. Therefore, they always get to their point of destination on time.


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