Exterior window sills

Our company has been manufacturing the exterior window sills for many years and we know this business inside out. We understand the market, the customers and what is essential about exterior window sills.

e know from experience that the most important thing is their quality and durability. The exterior window sills are installed to serve two basic purposes. Firstly, they are to efficiently drain the rain water and prevent it from accumulating on the surface of the window sill. Secondly, they are to protect the facade of the building. Therefore, a good exterior window sill must necessarily have some essential design features for its purchase to make any sense at all. Our products are designed to satisfactorily and reliably meet the needs of our customers for many years without requiring any additional maintenance on their part.

The exterior window sills we offer are made of two high quality materials: aluminum sheet with a thickness of 1 – 2 mm or steel galvanized sheet with a thickness of 0.5 to 0.75 mm. This means that even in this basic aspect our customers have the freedom to choose the window sills that are most suitable for their actual needs. The customers can also specify the shape of their window sill, selecting either the traditional angular Classic line or the Softline version with rounded edges. As many as twelve width variants are also available to choose from. Lastly, to define the aesthetic appearance of window sill you can also select the color variant that suits best your windows and meets your preferences.

The window sills are available in two versions:

  • Classic – traditionally bent window sills.
  • Softline – window sills with rounded edges.