Steel sills have enjoyed enormous popularity among customers for many years. The first and foremost reason is surely that they are the least expensive option but can survive even decades, provided they are properly maintained by the building owner to extend their service life. It is also important that the steel window sills are protected with properly matched end caps. Otherwise their ends will corrode over time as a result of adverse weather conditions, especially when exposed to water. Additionally, the steel sills produced by us are covered with special protective film, which increases their basic resistance to weather and provides resistance to cleaning agents, thus making their maintenance easier. They are available in many lengths and widths to suit individual needs of our customers. The sills are available in RAL colors as well as in structural colors.

Technical specifications

Profile type: softline/classic

Window sill thickness: 0,5-0,75 mm (stal)

Maximum length: 6000 mm

Standard widths: 90 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm, 180 mm, 200 mm, 225 mm, 250 mm, 275 mm, 300 mm, 320 mm, 350 mm, 400 mm

End caps of window sills: plastic/aluminum in RAL color

Features and advantages

Weather resistance

Affordable price

Wide choice of colors: RAL palette, structural colors

Durable colors, easy to clean

Decorative surface of window sill covered with protective film

End caps of window sills: plastic or aluminum


Parapet stalowy ciemny brąz [RAL 8019]

RAL 8019

Parapet stalowy srebrny [RAL9006]

RAL 9006

Parapet stalowy jasny brąz [RAL8017]

RAL 8017

Parapet stalowy grafit [RAL7024]

RAL 7024

Parapet stalowy biały [RAL9010]


Parapet stalowy antracyt [RAL 7016]

RAL 7016