If you wish to create a really elegant and unique facade with maximum protection, window sills of anodized aluminum is what you may want to consider. Selecting the aluminum anodized window sills will essentially give you only tangible benefits. First of all, the process of anodizing further improves the already high resistance of aluminum to corrosion. Secondly, aluminum dyed with this method has much higher aesthetic qualities, because it visually resembles – in a noble and elegant manner – precious metals and features a unique glow. Our anodized aluminum window sills are available in four different color variants so they can be matched stylistically to any façade. In addition, they come with a special protective coating, so you do not have to worry about their maintenance. At customer’s request we make them in twelve widths and their maximum length can be up to 6000 millimeters. Thickness of the aluminum sheet we use is one to two millimeters.

Technical specifications

Profile type: softline/classic

Window sill thickness: 2 mm (aluminum)

Maximum length: 6000 mm

Standard widths: 90 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm, 180 mm, 200 mm, 225 mm, 250 mm, 275 mm, 300 mm, 320 mm, 350 mm, 400 mm

Window sill end caps: plastic/aluminum in RAL color

Features and advantages

Weather resistance

Affordable price

Wide choice of colors: RAL palette, structural colors

Durable color, easy to clean

Decorative surfaces of window sills covered with protective film

Window sill end caps made of plastic or aluminum

Parapety aluminiowe anodowane | Kolor brąz C34


Parapety aluminiowe anodowane | Kolor brąz C34


Parapety aluminiowe anodowane | Kolor Oliwka C33