If you would rather not spend a lot of money for the renovation of interior of your house, apartment or business premises when it becomes necessary, you do not have to do so. At least not in the case of the interior sills. It turns out that worn concrete or terrazzo window sills absolutely do not have to be replaced with new ones to look stylish and respectable. Our company has introduced an effective and at the same time highly attractive solution in the form of restoration covers, whose total cost is much lower than the purchase of new window sills. These covers are durable, elegant and highly resistant to scratches. They can be easily shaped to suit your needs and then properly installed, since all you need for their installation is a proper polyurethane adhesive. The restoration covers have a smooth surface, thus keeping clean such renovated window sills will not be a problem. Thanks to the color palette offered by Railing, the renovated window sills do not have to look traditional. They can also successfully imitate marble or wood.

Technical specifications

maximum length: up to 6000mm

standard width: 400mm

cover end cap: RAL color plastic

Features and advantages

quick and easy installation

high resistance

covered with protective film


Nakładka renowacyjna | Kolor Orzech


Nakładka renowacyjna | Kolor Marmur


Nakładka renowacyjna | Kolor Biały


Nakładka renowacyjna | Kolor Złoty Dąb