Cross sections

As regards the exterior window sills, Railing is a manufacturer of two basic versions of them. These are the Softline window sills, innovative and standing out from the typical solutions, and the traditional Classic window sills. The difference between the two variants lies in how they are bent. The Softline window sills are characterized by a soft, rounded shape which facilitates the drainage of water, while the Classic line has traditional angular design. These differences can be seen below in the explanatory sectional views, which also contain all necessary physical dimensions of the Railing manufactured window sills, together with all standard widths. Features of our internal window sills, including those of composite marble, PVC, as well as renovation covers, are also presented in much the same way. Thus, all those interested in purchasing any of our products can compare their physical dimensions against spatial capabilities of the spaces to be furnished.


The Softline window sills are characterized with unique and modern design, and their rounded edges give a touch of subtle and gentle elegance to the façades. They definitely stand out against the background of classic, dull exterior window sills. They are available in many colors, including even imitation of wood. In addition, their shape facilitates the drainage of water, at the same time preventing accumulation of dirt. All detailed information about this type of window sills is provided in the sectional view below.
We attach much importance to the aesthetic appearance of the Softline window sills without, however, compromising their quality. We are well aware that for exterior window sills, strength is a key feature. The exterior window sill is not only permanently on display, but first and foremost always it is exposed to the effect of extreme temperatures and adverse weather, including sunlight, hail, snow, etc. We make the Softline window sills of sheet steel and aluminum which meet the most stringent durability standards. This is why they are extremely resistant to all kinds of damage and, in addition, they do not require any maintenance.


The exterior window sills from the Classic line have a number of advantages which make them, despite their rather long history, a solution that still enjoys a great popularity among customers. Though not very sophisticated construction-wise, these window sills, thanks to their perfectly matched dimensions and precise angles, as shown in the explanatory sectional view, do their job faultlessly. They perfectly drain rain water and protect the facade against destructive effects of adverse weather. They are made of high quality of steel and aluminum alloys, which guarantees their long-term resistance to water, extreme temperatures and detergents. These sills are designed so as to not require regular, specialized maintenance or care, and, if only properly installed, they are virtually indestructible. They are rigid, tight and reliable –exactly what the perfect window sills should be. The Classic window sills come with a full range of accessories. Thanks to their material, we can fulfill your orders in many non-standard color variants, which can soften their rather crude, though elegant, appearance of this type of sills.